The Dairy Industry

5:04 PM

Veal Calf Dying in Veal Crate
Believe or not, industrialized dairy farms are one of the most cruel industries against farm animals. I used to think that it was the meat industry because the animals got killed, at least in the dairy industry they got to live, but that is precisely the reason why it is more cruel.

Cows go through a constant cycle in which they are impregnated through forceful artificial insemination, they give birth, and their calves are immediately taken away from them. The male calves are of little use to the dairy industry because they do not produce milk, so they are either left to die or sold to veal farms, where they await slaughter in crates no bigger than their own size. The mother cows are hooked to machines until all of the milk that was intended for their calves is taken from them, for human consumption. Mother cows cry out for their calves, and their calves suffer the same way. Cows are forced to go through this cycle, until they are no longer able to produce milk. Then they are sent to be slaughtered for cheap meat.

Can you imagine how sad it must be to live this kind of life? The worse part is that it is so unnecessary because we humans have absolutely no need for cow's milk. Cow's milk is for baby cows. Drink some almond milk for a change. It's yummy and you won't have to contribute to this.



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