Male Chicks in the Egg Industry

4:55 PM

Male Chicks Thrown in the Garbage
Chick Culling is the standard practice of the egg industry of disposing of male chicks for which the industry has no use (this applies to free range too). Male chicks cannot lay eggs and they do not grow fast enough to be used for meat, therefore they are disposed of in several ways. They are either gassed to death, thrown in a macerator (a machine that grounds them alive), or thrown away in garbage bags, where they slowly suffocate or get crushed to death. All of these are industry standards and are considered humane ways of killing male chicks.  

But there's absolutely nothing humane about the treatment of these poor animals. By buying and eating eggs you are directly contributing to the cruelty of this industry. It's up to us, the consumers, to demand better treatment for farm animals. 



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